Change Log For November 10

Changes for the last week (November 3 - 10)

  • A lot of rebalancing. Although I’m still not happy with it.
  • You can now see the time remaining for technologies.
  • Now unspent points are considered when calculating turns remaining.
  • Now when you capture a city it will forget all the buildings it could build previously and now will only build buildings you know how to build. Previously it could build buildings you have not discovered yet.
  • Units can now merge. This is similar (OK, it’s the same) to how merging happens in Advance Wars. If you have two units with the same type with at least one with less than full health you can move the other unit onto a unit with damage for them to merge. It won’t allow you to restore health past the maximum value though.
  • The repair action now uses the correct image. Also tweaked the position of speech bubbles.
  • Changed the look of the overview menu. Now you can always see the next turn dialog. Also they collapse when they are not a recommended action. Tech tree is only openable when both units and cities have been assigned actions.
  • Text now scales with screen size. Before it should have been doing this and looked like it was but did not do it on the web version. This is why the tooltip text was massive and went off the screen all the time. Adding this broke a ton of other things (basically everything that has a UI). Those bug fixes have been omitted from this post.
  • Tooltip now switches positions if it would otherwise go off the screen.
  • Now there’s a damage indicator
  • Killing wildlife creates a ‘+1 Food’ text. This text floats up for one second and then disappears.
  • The tests I wanted to do with the tutorial are complete. Turns out the controls are far more intuitive than I expected although there are some rough parts I’ve polished. So I’ved re-added the tutorial. There’s only one now rather than the 3 before and it has been redesigned slightly.
  • Right click drag now creates a compass rose similar to Simcity. If I would drag the other way where you actually drag around the terrain. Unfortunately due to having a spherical world this is very hard - perhaps even impossible - to do.
  • The attack camera movement now takes a constant amount of time rather than before where it took a long time if far away and almost instant if right next to the enemy.
  • When you zoom in the camera also moves slightly. This is inspired by Google Maps. Not sure if I'm going to keep this. It's a little annoying.
  • Units now darken after they have moved and cities darken when they are not visible.


  • Clicking the middle mouse button no longer scrolls in web builds. This is due to middle mouse being associated with scroll wheel thing. Use right click instead. (Still works in native version)
  • Repair now only triggers if your unit is repairing. And not whenever you stand on a city.
  • Now the mouse can detect when it’s not over the game and disable some actions.
  • Fixed issue with camera jumping if you tried holding the right mouse button and dragged wildly. Was due to using TransformDirection() when we should have used InverseTransformDirection() ಠ_ಠ
  • The ‘move’ action takes the correct time now. Before it would always take 0.1 seconds unless you hit something (which is not possible with the units in the game now) where it would take 0.1  seconds times the number of tiles you moved.
  • Fixed some bugs with actions being visible when they shouldn’t that are from a long way back. Back when I was manually recreating the world mesh on each frame. Ah, those were the days. Also fixed a bug where the flashing die animation was always visible regardless of fog of war.
  • Fixed a bug where unit health was not updating. I guess I just randomly removed this part of the code ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyways, it’s fixed now.
  • Fixes to how fog of war updates. Mostly just during the debugging ‘fog of war disabled mode’. Yes, that exists.
  • Fixed bugs with technology not being moved to the correct list upon completion and becoming broken. Now I can set all technology costs to 0 and they’ll all be unlocked on the same turn. Pretty neat.
  • Fixed a bug that where one of the functions could call itself resulting in a stack overflow. It’s a bit premature to call it but this could be the cause of the bug in the web player I saw earlier.
  • Unit details are now rendered by a separate camera which should fix all bugs with that.
  • Zooming in to attacking takes constant time. So it is no longer instant if the units are very close toghether.
  • Turns out Unity’s line renderer is terrible. *Shocker*. So I replaced it with cylinders which are way better.

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