Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements

Well, I lied. No performance improvements.

You know when you run a game and it works perfectly well and then you look at the code and you say to yourself, "This thing should not work but it does." And then you go back into the game and that thing is suddenly broken?

Well that happened to me. So in Conquisition: Escalation, my current game, I have to go through the code line by line and fix the lines that are now broken and remove the lines that I don't need anymore. And along the way I found a lot of bugs. First of all I discovered clicking on a unit while selecting an attack is possible even if we can't actually attack it. That's fixed.

Also, the main bug, is this weird one where the game will think you're still selecting an attack after you attack which could break the game. That's fixed now as well.

I also think I'm going to switch back to using the mouse down rather than mouse up because mouse up takes a fraction of a second longer to activate. It's  not in this build though.

So anyways, Escalation is going well. It's already playable. Now I'm working to get factories and cities working.


Web Nov 19.zip 11 MB
Nov 19, 2017
Windows Nov 19.zip 21 MB
Nov 19, 2017

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