Conquisition is a 4x strategy game inspired by Civilization and Advance Wars. This is a very early build of the game so expect problems.

Differences of web vs native versions:

  • City states do not spawn in the web version. This is due to them needing multithreading which does not work in the web version.
  • Middle mouse will not move the camera in the web version. This is due to middle mouse activating the scroll thing in the browser so it is disabled for now.
  • Performance will not be as good in the web version. Also there will be more input lag. This is extremely noticeable on less powerful devices although my gaming PC can still play it fairly smoothly.


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Win64 Nov 3 bd97604.rar 16 MB
Mac (Nov 10 42a4749) 23 MB
Mac (Nov 14 cc26619) 23 MB
Win64 (Nov 14 cc26619).zip 21 MB
Windows Nov 21 MB
Win64 - Dec 20 21 MB

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I like this game however i would appreciate full screen and saving. Good luck with development! I look forward to this game. Loool "NO" unit stacking

Also maybe a save feature

Cool game.If you plan on updating it could you make research and building times not take as long?